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Summertime Debit Card Tips

How do you pay for your purchases? It may be instinct for you to pull out any piece of plastic without thinking, but your random card of choice might not be the safest way to pay.

5 purchases to carefully consider before using your debit card:

1) At the pump
Card skimmers at gas stations are on the rise. By using your credit card instead of your debit card at the pump, you’ll have an added layer of protection against fraud. You can also choose to use cash and avoid the risk of getting skimmed altogether.

2) At an isolated ATM
Isolated ATMs in locations with very little security and sparse foot traffic are prime targets for hackers.

3) In an unfamiliar location
When on vacation, think before you swipe. You don’t know the area and you can’t be certain which clerks are to be trusted. You’re better off paying with a credit card or with cash so your purchases are protected against fraud.

4) For large purchases
If you’re springing for a big-ticket item, use your credit card. It’ll offer you dispute rights in case the product doesn’t turn out as you expected.

5) Restaurants
When you hand a restaurant server your debit card at the end of a meal, they have more than enough time to also swipe your card info!

Always use your debit or credit card with caution. Check the payment processor for anything that looks out-of-place, such as a newer keypad on an older machine or a hard-to-use slot for your card. Don’t forget to cover the pad with your hand when inputting your PIN.

Just as mosquitoes can ruin a summer picnic, a good scammer can turn a winning day into a master class on losing your mind as bank accounts are drained, credit cards are maxed out, and large purchases are made in your name. By staying diligent and mindful you can ensure that your summer vacation money will stay right where it belongs; in your Chippewa County Credit Union account!
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