CCCU’s Outstanding Teacher Is….

We are excited to announce that Heidie Lehmkuhle, of Sault Area Middle School, has been selected as the winner of a $500 gift card to use in her classroom! We reached out to the community seeking nominations for teachers who go above and beyond in their profession and the community delivered! We received over 60 nominations!

Pam Taylor (right) presenting Heidie Lehmkuhle (left) with her $500 gift card to use on her classroom.

Heidie, who teaches math to students in 5th-8th grade, was selected because of the creativity, dedication, and passion she puts into her classroom, and her students. 

Pam Taylor, who nominated her, applauded her on her ability to turn mathematic principles into attainable, real-life applications.  “She amazes me with her creative lesson plans, like teaching her students how to cook, using measurements of course, but showing them a life lesson as well.”

Heidie goes above and beyond her duties to ensure each student feels valued and important. “During the holiday season, Heidie and her family buy gifts for every student in her class, so no one has to go without. She is the most caring person I have ever met,” stated Pam. 

Heidie’s passion for teaching was spurred by the teachers she had herself. “Throughout my educational experience, I was blessed to have really great teachers. My 8th-grade math teacher was the first person to inspire me to become an educator,” she said. “I learned that someone can be thoughtful and caring while still holding people to a high standard. I know that teachers can have a real impact and I wanted to do something with my life that had meaning and purpose.” 

This passion has not faded over time, but rather, is renewed each year she gets to watch her students flourish. “I absolutely love how anyone can get better at anything with effective practice and the right mindset,” she said. The best part about my job is that I get a front-row seat to the best models of growth, my students. I get to grow right along with them.”

Helping students grow is exactly how she plans on using the $500 gift card. She will be purchasing a set of books that will teach her students how they can become the most efficient math learners they can be. In addition, she’ll be stocking her room with pencils, folders, dry erase markers, math manipulatives, and snacks for the coming school year.

“I am truly grateful for your generosity,” she said. “These funds will definitely have a positive impact on my students’ growth and success.”

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