Gregor Krause Selected As Unsung Hero Award Winner!

Chippewa County Credit Union is pleased to announce that Gregor Krause has been selected as this quarter’s “Unsung Hero” Award recipient. The award highlights the “unsung heroes” of Chippewa County who give back to their community in countless ways.

CEO Connie Toensing presenting Gregor Krause with his award

Gregor was selected for his outstanding service to the Sault Ste. Marie Community and beyond. Gregor, who was born with Spina Bifida, developed a sensitivity to noise because of his disability. Rather than let this stand in his way, he decided to use his personal experiences with his diagnosis to enact change. He contacted the National Spina Bifida Association to raise awareness to this sensitivity. In doing so, he prompted them to conduct a nation wide survey discovering that thousands of people with the disability experience the same sensory discomfort. Thanks to Gregor, this survey has lead to additional studies on a global scale and has shed light on an issue that was widely unknown.

However, Gregor wasn’t done. He noticed a problem right here in Sault Ste. Marie. For those who struggle with sensory issues, parades can be particularly difficult. He worked with the local fire chief and Chamber of Commerce to set aside an area of the parade route to include a “Quiet Zone”. In doing so, he has allowed individuals with sensory issues, small children or pets to enjoy the parades. Not only was he recognized by the city for this contribution, but other communities, like Sault Ontario, have added similar zones to their parade routes.

But still, Gregor wasn’t finished. After his success with the parades, he began to work on changing the way fire alarms worked. Rather than a traditional alarm, he advocated for voice alarms. He contacted the National Fire Protection Agency, the agency that determines rules and standards for all public buildings in the country, to discuss how children in special education classrooms would likely have an adverse reaction to a traditional alarm. The agency formed a committee to study the issue, and invited Gregor to participate. Because of this study, it is now preferred to have voice alarm systems in public buildings.

It is clear that Gregor is an asset to the Sault Ste. Marie Community and beyond. His dedication and determination to the causes he believes in has changed countless lives.

Along with the award, he received a $50 savings account at Chippewa County Credit Union, $50 in Chamber Bucks, and an assortment of Chippewa County Credit Union promotional items.

During each quarter of 2022, Chippewa County Credit Union will select a winner from a list of nominees who have shown exemplary service to their community. If you know a deserving candidate for the Chippewa County Credit Union Unsung Hero Award, please submit their name and a brief summary of support via email to Candidates may be retail service employers or employees, public service employees, or volunteers.