Hammy Savings Account

It’s never too early to teach your children how to save and spend responsibly.

Chippewa County Credit Union Hammy Kid’s Club is a great way for children (0-12 years old) to start learning to save their hard-earned money, from cutting the neighbors grass, shoveling snow, birthday money or loose change. All members ages birth to 12 are eligible for a “Hammy” saving account.

  • Hammy account members will receive a savings punch card, that allows children to earn a prize after so many deposits.
  • An invitation to all of Chippewa County Credit Union’s Hammy savings events.
  • Minimum deposit of $5.00
  • NCUA insured
  • Dividend earning savings account.
  • Joint ownership for parents, grandparents, or guardian (joint owner must be a credit union member).
  • Review balances and transfer money with online banking and mobile banking.

One of the best ways to promote good financial habits at a young age is to open a Hammy Kids Savings Account at Chippewa County Credit Union and establish a regular savings plan.

By making regular deposits into a Hammy Kids Savings Account, children can learn how money grows as they earn interest on their funds.

Watching the balance on their savings account grow can motivate them to be smarter consumers and better savers as they grow up.

We want to make savings fun and rewarding we will even give them a cool piggy bank!