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Koats for Kids

“Koats for Kids”

Chippewa County Credit Union is excited to announce for the third year in a row we are organizing “Koats for Kids” with the help of local community members such as yourself! We would like you to consider donating to help a child stay warm this winter with a Brand New Coat, Hat & Gloves! There is no donation that is considered to be small every penny helps a child within our community stay warm.

Koats for Kids was started by our credit union two years ago, in the first year of organizing Koats for Kids we collected coats from members with in the community by having donation drop off boxes and different locations to drop off gently used coats; Volunteers then sorted and then distributed the coats to families in the Kincheloe area.

2018 We collected cash donations from credit union members, community members along with area organizations. The donations collected were used to purchase BRAND NEW COATS ALONG WITH HATS & GLOVES for the children and again were distributed at the Kinross Recreation Center. Purchasing the Coats for $20.00 each from the organization “Operation Warm”, whose headquarters are located in Pennsylvania has a blessing for our local community! Within a twenty-five-minute period we were able to provide ONE HUNDRED & SIXTY Children with a new coat, hat & gloves.

The reward of watching the children ranging in ages from four to thirteen pick out a new coat, try it on and then pick out a set of matching hat and gloves is truly priceless!

There are no income criteria to get a coat, the child must be present and be accompanied with an adult at the time of distribution.

We target the ages of school age children between four and thirteen years of age. Statistically children will do better in school if they didn’t have to worry about being cold as they travel to and from school.

This year we would like to add a second distribution site in Sault Sainte Marie, but that means we need to collect twice as much money for donations as we were able to in 2018. Ideally, we need to collect $10,000.00 to provide a selection of coats in a variety of sizes for the children. If you would like to donate, please stop by either location or you can mail your donation to our main office at the address listed below.

Business and Organization donations of more than $200.00 (10 coats) will receive recognition on our Facebook page and recognition at the distribution sites.

Donations can be mailed to:

Chippewa County Credit Union