Password and Challenge Question Changes

User Password Requirements:

Beginning June 12, 2016 you will be required to have certain password criteria in place when accessing your online banking accounts.

Based on security standards, all new passwords in online banking (going forward) must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum length: 8.
  • Maximum length: 32 (spaces are allowed, but not at beginning or end of password/ phrase).
  • Must contain at least one upper-case letter.
  • Must contain at least one lower-case letter.
  • Must contain at least one number or one special character.
  • Cannot match the Login ID.
  • Cannot contain the Login ID as part of its makeup.
  • Cannot contain the word “password” as part of its makeup.

eTeller login form

User Challenge Questions:

Online banking Challenge Questions must have answers of at least 6 characters and the answers cannot repeat.

Password Resets:

Passwords will be reset through the self service “Forgotten Password Prompt”. You will be emailed a randomly generated temporary password.

You may make these security changes to your online banking accounts prior to June 12th to avoid interruption through the Member Options tab in eTeller.