Transfer Your High Interest Credit Card

Many of us tend to spend more than we anticipate over the holiday season, or maybe you went on a special holiday vacation and spent more than you had planned on all the souvenirs you couldn’t go home without, or maybe you have some higher interest credit card debt hanging around from last year?! Why pay for the high interest on some other competitive credit card when you can come to Chippewa County Credit Union and have a lower interest rate card year-round! Chippewa County Credit Union is currently offering a Balance Transfer of 2.99% APR* for 6 months, this offer will only be here until January 31, 2020! Stop at either our main office located on Spruce St. or our Kincheloe Branch office located on West M-80 to pick up your Visa Application or inquire about a Balance Transfer form if you already have Chippewa County Credit Union Credit Card.