Travel Notification

Place your travel notice before you go by calling your Chippewa County Credit Union or sending a message using e-teller.


Planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway?






 Don’t let your Debit or Visa card get flagged for suspected fraud,

When you are trying to buy those keep sake souvenirs or dinner at that fancy restaurant.


If you happen to lose your card along your travels or worse your card gets- stolen here are important numbers you may need.

VISA LOST/STOLEN 1-855-256-9752


Some Helpful Travel Hints & Tips:

Always Let Someone Know What Your Travel Agenda Details Are.

Make Copies Of Current Identification/Passport To Leave At Home With Travel Agenda.

Make Copies of Credit/Debit Cards To Leave At Home In Case You Need The Numbers To Cancel The Cards.

Have Fun & Be Safe!